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Our Services

What We Provide

CLS offers a wide array of legal services and have developed sophisticated processes and solutions to help clients in the areas of litigation and investigations, compliance and risk, and corporate and in-house services.

Our Benefits

What We Do

» Placement of an Attorney in your office for agreed hours and for an agreed fee whether on an hourly, weekly, monthly or annual basis to carry out general legal services.

» While your Full-time in-house Counsel is on leave, we fill the gap providing the service on an interim basis as agreed.

» Where your Full-time in-house Counsel is burdened with work, we eliminate the need for an extensive legal department as we provide the relevant personnel to carry out the task in a cost effective, efficient manner while providing additional supervision, leaving in-house Counsel the freedom to produce more.

» We process legal documents on your behalf from our location and return same to you completed at an agreed

» We provide monthly reports to you on all matters completed on your behalf.

» The Attorneys who service your needs are given additional training in your specific area of business where applicable (for example, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail) to ensure your needs are fully met.

CLS provides a fully integrated, comprehensive solution designed to assist both law firms and in-house counsel meet their demand for legal services. We provide:

– legal research, both ongoing and ad hoc, large and small

– litigation document review and policy drafting and review

– contract template creation and virtual support staff

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