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Legal Process Outsourcing Overview

Legal Process Outsourcing / Legal Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing is a growing area. Attorneys, law firms and corporate legal departments are increasingly using outsourcing for the processing of their legal work. While this is currently done primarily in India, there are others jurisdictions with the expertise and resources to perform this function that are much closer both geographically and culturally to the United States. Most of our work is done in Jamaica, by highly trained and experienced legal professionals.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing / Legal Outsourcing?

Legal process outsourcing refers to the practice of a law firm or corporate legal department obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company. When the outsourced entity is based in another country the practice is sometimes called Off-shoring.

What are the Advantages of Legal Outsourcing?

Some of the empirical advantages that have surfaced out of the practice of legal outsourcing are:

- Cost Savings: There is currently a disparity in labor costs between the US, UK and Jamaica for professional services. The cost of utilizing qualified legal professionals trained in US law, but located in another country is still significantly lower than that of hiring an American based attorney. The same holds true for the United Kingdom.

- Efficiency: The proximity of Jamaica to the United States, and the corresponding familiarity of its workforce with the business and cultural practices. in the US, gives our clients greater confidence in our ability to deliver the product that was negotiated.. In addition, since we are in the same time zone, real-time assistance is available during the normal daytime work hours.

- Quality: Unknown to most, Jamaica has a rather large talent pool of law professionals. Jamaica is home to the Law College of the Americas as well as Norman Manley Law School at the University of the West Indies, two of three regional schools accredited by the Council of Legal education. The majority of the law graduates remain in Jamaica and choose to work in both international corporate law and the local court system. Thus the island has a very mature and sophisticated legal community, and many professionals have either studied or worked in the United States.

Legal Process Outsourcing in Jamaica

Why Legal Outsourcing to Jamaica?

Strategically located at the gateway of the major air and sea routes into the Caribbean, Jamaica is within easy reach of the major global markets, with over half a billion of the world’s population living within a four hour flight radius. The island also has the largest English-Speaking workforce in the Caribbean, which is known globally for its creative and enterprising spirit. According to a recent study, Jamaica has great potential in legal outsourcing, based on the number of graduates in the field of law increasing year over year and the corresponding number of practicing professionals. The Jamaican legal community is both deep and highly trained. This includes admitted attorneys and paralegals. Jamaica offers the following advantages:
→ Familiarity with the common law system
→ Lawyers trained in the both the United States and British Law curriculums
→ Liberty to enter into contracts
→ Natural affinity to the United States
→ Robust telecommunications infrastructure with built in redundancy
→ Near shore advantage −Located within a 4 hour flight radius to the United States
→ Communication - the third largest English-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere

Is legal outsourcing to Jamaica allowed by U.S. rules of practice?


What kind of cost savings can I expect by legal outsourcing to Jamaica?

By outsourcing legal work to Jamaica, one can expect to significantly reduce current legal operating costs.

Legal Process Outsourcing and Centennial Legis Solutions (CLS)

Does legal outsourcing to Jamaica mean a compromise in quality?

No. Because the legal process outsourcing work performed in Jamaica by CLS is supervised by highly trained attorneys who are currently actively practicing as well as have the expertise of the American legal system. All of the supervising attorneys have extensive experience with US practice protocols.

Our team of lawyers include those trained/graduated at prestigious law schools in the U.S.A. and the U.K. In addition to being admitted to American and UK bars.

Can legal work be done faster by outsourcing it to Jamaica?

Yes. The workforce is dedicated to specific clients. Therefore, the primary focus is placed on gaining efficiencies for the client, of course without compromising quality. Based on a dedicated “overnight ” workforce as well as the necessary capacity for daytime business hours, CLS can meet or exceed all service level agreements while delivering the highest quality product to our clients.

What are the Special Advantages of using "Centennial Legis Solutions" (CLS)?

There are many advantages of using Centennial Legis Solutions (CLS), including the following:

♦ Our staff is trained in the common law system in the USA, and the UK, and are supervised by lawyers who are admitted to bar in the USA and UK.
♦ Quality will never be compromised.
♦ Consistent checks and balances to ensure confidentiality and the conflict of interest rules.
♦ Affiliation with a highly regarded local Law School.